Cryptanite mobile app

The Cryptanite mobile app is a mega-app ecosystem featuring apps within an app that allow users to buy, store, invest and spend cryptocurrencies, as well as access experts and in the Cryptanite blockchain community — all through one simple app. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

We set out to make it easier to buy a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Right now, the process is incredibly long and frustrating: you need to set up multiple accounts, wait for multiple verifications, wait to get approved, lose money on transaction fees due to costly transfers between accounts, and on top of that, you also need to be an expert in "pair trading". We don’t think it should be this hard.

Enter the Crypanite Wallet. Our team of experienced blockchain engineers has designed an easy solution so that even your grandmother can buy a diversified portfolio at the click of a button.


CryptaKings is an online expert network powered by performance metrics. CryptaKings ranks the top performing cryptocurrency traders, allowing investors to follow and track their trades and benefit from their expertise.
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Intellabridge blockchain consulting

Intellabridge provides you with a remote team of engineers and marketing experts who have the tested experience to fulfill the specific requirements of your company at competitive costs. We currently have remote specialists in blockchain technologies, as well as mobile app development, UI/UX design, API development and a wide range of other programming development skills.