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Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a Colorado-based financial technology company focused on providing our clients with financial services designed for the greater good. We harness blockchain technology to provide secure, real-time, peer-to-peer payment systems. Our growing product line has web and mobile apps, including credit and debit products for fiat and cryptocurrency markets.

With dozens of enterprise clients and growing in the consumer sector, Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. continues to execute on its vision of becoming the financial brand for the next generation of blockchain technologies.


Cryptanite trades on the CSE

Cryptanite's platform currently offers six innovative products designed to leverage blockchain technologies
Cryptanite Mobile App
Buy and spend cryptocurrencies through one simple app and invest in a basket of the top cryptocurrencies based on our predictive machine learning algorithms.
Cryptanite Wallet

Invest in diversified baskets of top performing cryptocurrencies. Currently in private beta, the wallet will be available in the Apple and Google Play stores in April 2018. Low transaction fees. Cool UX. Easy account set up.

Cryptanite Mining
Operations leverage our proprietary algorithms to let our customers benefit through soon to be launched mobile cloud mining facilities.
Intellabridge Blockchain Consulting
Provides startup companies with the technological support to build MVPs in the blockchain sector.
ChargaCard Business
Is a P2P payment processing enterprise solution for the millions of service sector businesses in the informal credit markets.
ChargaCard Individual
Makes it easy for individuals to pay their bills in installments.

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