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Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a Colorado-based financial technology company focused on providing our clients with financial services designed for the greater good. We harness blockchain technology to provide secure, real-time, peer-to-peer payment systems. Our growing product line has web and mobile apps, including credit and debit products for fiat and cryptocurrency markets.

With dozens of enterprise clients and growing in the consumer sector, Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. continues to execute on its vision of becoming the financial brand for the next generation of blockchain technologies.

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Cryptanite Issues Statement About Promotional Activities Surrounding Its Common Stock
Cryptanite Issues Statement About Promotional Activities Surrounding Its Common Stock

26 Jul 2018

Cryptanite company issued a statement regarding promotional activities relating to its common stock in response to a request from OTC Markets Group...
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Cryptanite Wallet App Now Available in Canada on App Store and Google Play
Cryptanite Wallet App Now Available in Canada on App Store and Google...

25 Jul 2018

Cryptanite Wallet App Now Available in Canada on App Store and Google Play
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Cryptanite Develops Twitter Market Sentiment Analysis

24 Jul 2018

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. today released a Twitter market sentiment analysis tool to capture and assess public opinion regarding the cryptocurrency market.
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Cryptanite Announces Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

18 Jul 2018

Cryptanite is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is trading under the symbol 98AA
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Cryptanite Commences Trading on OTCQB, Achieves DTC Eligibility

26 Jun 2018

Cryptanite will commence trading on the OTCQB® Venture Market on June 26, 2018, in the United States under the OTCQB symbol: CRBTF.
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Cryptanite Announces Keith A. Turner as President

20 Jun 2018

Accomplished Entrepreneur Joins Company at Exciting Growth Stage as New Opportunities in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Unfold.
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The cryptanite mobile app

The Cryptanite mobile app is a mega-app ecosystem featuring apps within an app that allow users to buy, store, invest and spend cryptocurrencies, as well as access experts and in the Cryptanite blockchain community — all through one simple app. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

The apps within the Cryptanite mega-app include the follow applications. We set out to make it easier to buy a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptanite Wallet makes it easy for users to invest in diversified baskets of top performing cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptanite Wallet includes a variety of pre-configured baskets for cryptocurrency buyers and investors such as HODL, HOOD and BASE, as well as the option to create customized baskets of up to five cryptocurrencies. Additional benefits include low transaction fees and easy account set up.

The Wallet is designed to provide a secure, easy-to-use and frictionless process to buy, invest and store a diversified collection of more than 20 of the top cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, stellar and dash.

Cryptanite expert network (cryptakings)

CryptaKings is an online expert network powered by performance metrics. CryptaKings ranks the top performing cryptocurrency traders, allowing investors to follow and track their trades and benefit from their expertise. News Release CryptaKings. Currently in beta mode, CryptaKings will go live in Q2 2018.


ChargaCard is on a mission to help businesses recover overdue accounts and connect customers with automated installment plans. ChargaCard’s secure network helps businesses recover customer expenses by offering financing alternatives that bypass expensive third-party financial institutions and predatory credit card companies with a zero percent merchant fee.

Intellabridge blockchain consulting

Intellabridge provides you with a remote team of engineers and marketing experts who have the tested experience to fulfill the specific requirements of your company at competitive costs. We currently have remote specialists in blockchain technologies, as well as mobile app development, UI/UX design, API development and a wide range of other programming development skills.

Codius cloud

Codius Cloud, powered by Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies, a public company trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: NITE), offer cloud hosting solutions for decentralized applications. Our Clodius hosting platform was designed with simplicity, making it easy for you build, deploy and run your Dapps easily and securely.


Based on the new science of radical innovation, our team turns volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity into radical innovation by creatively destroying traditional approaches, and tapping into the power of collective wisdom to accelerate the speed of execution.
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