5 May 2018

How to Engage More Consumers
A consumer
What is the basis to establish a long-term business? What makes it successful and inspires entrepreneurs to improve the product? The answer? Consumers.

3 May 2018

How Past Due Invoices Impact a Business
With ChargaCard, businesses are assured reliable, timely payments from customers paying either installment plans or recurring bills.

1 May 2018

Can Business Owners Minimize Payment Risk?
Fraudulent consumer activity seems to get much less attention than fraudulent business practices. But business owners often struggle with payment problems and are victims of consumer dishonesty.

25 Apr 2018

Suing with Collectors
ChargaCard, a B2C payment system, proposes a revolutionary decision for consumers and merchants, called flexible installment plans.

23 Apr 2018

How Installment Plans Can Lead to Whiter, Healthier Smiles
The most popular and reliable way to cover necessary and cosmetic dental care is to set up an installment plan with clients and allow them pay for services partially. This is why we’ve created ChargaCard.

22 Apr 2018

When Insurance Says No, ChargaCard Says Yes!
Health Care
We believe that our installment plans provide a better and more caring way to help families in need. Simply put, ChargaCard cares about your health. 

9 Apr 2018

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments
As the market continues to mature, business owners would be wise to allow customers to pay for goods and services with this valid new form of payment.

7 Apr 2018

How to deal with collection agencies
A deal
We think there’s a more compassionate and effective approach to collecting outstanding debts that don’t destroy credit ratings or cause this anxiety.

5 Apr 2018

Credit Cards are so 20th Century!
Credit Cards
Consumers should know that credit cards are not the only way to pay for big purchases. With ChargaCard, consumers and businesses have a new, and helpful means of financial independence.
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