Live life with Cryptanite

To bring disruptive technologies to life.

"We believe that the peer-to-peer decentralized solutions are the next generation paradigm shift which is creatively destroying the legacy of the system and providing us with more efficient tools for the benefit of humanity."
John Eagleton, Cryptanite Co-Founder & CEO
"Cryptanite is a building a new cryptocurrency lifestyle and social network that allows consumers to benefit from the power of blockchain technologies."
Keith Turner, Cryptanite President
"Blockchain fundamentally changes our existing organizational structures, rebuilding trust relationships between people and businesses, and providing transparency and fair distribution systems."
Henry Duong, Cryptanite Co-Founder & CTO
"Blockchain is a transformational technology which is creating new value, and Cryptanite Corporation is working on the front range of this new paradigm shift."
Maria Eagleton, Cryptanite Co-Founder & COO

Why Cryptanite?

First Follower Advantage

The first blockchain technologies created a paradigm shift in the market, designed by brilliant engineers for engineers, but just as Apple revolutionized the user experience for electronic devices with a first follower advantage. Cryptanite is designing the next generation decentralized applications for mass market adoption.

Designed on the Front Range

With offices in Vancouver, Canada, Boulder Colorado & San Jose California, Cryptanite continues to explore new front range technologies for the benefit of our growing ecosystem. A big thank you to our investors who continue to support our front range development and bring disruptive technologies to life for people around the world.

Strategic Partners

Cryptanite works with strategic partners across a variety of sectors, from telecommunications to virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and financial technology. This allows the company to leverage a wide range of expertise and intellectual property to grow it’s portfolio of opportunities and optimize the creation of new products and maximize shareholder value.

About Cryptanite

Publicly Traded and Trusted

Cryptanite is the first publicly listed blockchain company that brings digital and crypto assets to the masses, and provides investors with long term shareholder value.

Experienced Team

Cryptanite has built a professional team of more than 50 skilled engineers, legal, operational and financial analysts to facilitate the creation of innovative technologies.

Innovative Philosophy

The Cryptanite team turns volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity into radical innovation by creatively destroying traditional approaches, and tapping into the power of collective wisdom to accelerate the speed of execution.