How Installment Plans Can Lead to Whiter, Healthier Smiles

23 Apr 2018

Did you know that only one-third of all Americans visited a dentist last year? The reason for the lack of visits often centered on access to dental insurance, limitations on insurance premiums and the scope of services offered.

For example, while insurance may cover some preventive care and procedures such as bridges, crowns, and root canals, a number of cosmetic and restorative procedures can only be paid from a customer’s pocket. This includes procedures such as teeth whitening and straightening. Only a couple of states provide patients with extensive dental benefits while others offer limited and emergency-related help or no assistance at all.

The result is that many dental patients go without the treatment they want, and dentist offices miss out on new customers and revenue streams.

Why Not Consider Installment Plans as a Solution?

Increasingly, the most popular and reliable way to cover necessary and cosmetic dental care is to set up an installment plan with clients and allow them pay for services partially. This is why we’ve created ChargaCard.

The ChargaCard bill payment platform helps thousands of customers and dentist offices find each other and create meaningful and reliable payment arrangements that benefit both parties while avoiding unnecessarily high merchant and interest fees. With ChargaCard, dentists can help millions more patients get dental assistance with an assurance of prompt and reliable payment for their time and services. And best of all: ChargaCard makes collection agencies a thing of the past, which helps preserve and can even enhance the relationship between a provider and the patient.

Why Dentists Are Switching to ChargaCard

Larger customer base

Creating more options for payment – particularly among patients who have no or limited dental insurance – is a cost-effective method of encouraging patients to visit a dentist more frequently. Using an installment plan with ChargaCard makes it easy to pay bills and get paid. And let’s be clear, the absence of additional fees is a significant advantage as well.

Instant payments

An installment plan can be set up once and used repeatedly, so ChargaCard tracks the payment process by connecting directly to a client’s bank account, charging an affordable sum monthly. Immediately, funds go into a dentist’s account and can be withdrawn or used to purchase additional services. For dentists, it means receiving payments on time with no delays.

Reducing unnecessary billing disputes

ChargaCard helps dental offices discuss detailed payment plans with their patients before installment plans are set up. This means that customers and office managers can identify terms that are agreeable to both parties and dramatically reduce the likelihood of missed payments while increasing customer satisfaction.

About ChargaCard

ChargaCard is on a mission to help businesses recover overdue accounts and connect customers with automated installment plans. With tens of millions of Americans prevented from accessing essential legal and professional services because of poor credit, ChargaCard’s secure network helps businesses recover customer expenses by offering financing alternatives that bypass expensive third-party financial institutions and predatory credit card companies with a zero percent merchant fee. ChargaCard is a wholly owned business of Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corporation (CSE: NITE) and is based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, visit