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Swap Wallet

Leveraging decentralized exchange technology, patend-pending “swap” wallet is the fastest way to transfer from cold storage to hot useability.

Cold Storage

Hybrid Wallet that has the security of cold wallets and the flexibility of “hot” wallets.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

We are a community of buyers and sellers making it easy to trade cryptos in a peer-to-peer marketplace. Trade with your friends and get access to a network of experienced traders and influencers.

Publicly Traded

Our company, Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp is a publicly traded and trusted company which is audited and in full compliance with regulatory authorities in Europe and North America.

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Start building your crypto currency portfolio today… If you are an investor, a gamer or interested in artificial intelligence, or perhaps you like to shop online, travel or just be social, then crypto tokens are the way to pay for goods and services in the new blockchain economy.

As this blockchain economy grows, so too will the use of these tokens in online gaming, social networks, entertainment, ecommerce, real-estate and financial services. We help you filter through the hundreds of tokens to build bundles for your future.

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