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The easy way to buy cryptocurrency

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Your crypto assets are secured with private keys on your phone. If you lose your phone, no problem, just make sure to print out your private keys and store them in a safe place!

Cryptanite wallet

One-click shopping makes it easier than ever to buy digital assets.

The Cryptanite Wallet makes it easier than ever for you to buy digital assets like cryptocurrencies, allowing everyone to own a diversified portfolio of the top performing digital assets powering the blockchain.

We set out to make it easier to buy a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Right now, the process is incredibly long and frustrating: you need to set up multiple accounts, wait for multiple verifications, wait to get approved, lose money on transaction fees due to costly transfers between accounts, and on top of that, you also need to be an expert in "pair trading". We don’t think it should be this hard.

Enter the Crypanite Wallet. Our team of experienced blockchain engineers has designed an easy solution so that even your grandmother can buy a diversified portfolio at the click of a button.

I hope you enjoy the Cryptanite Wallet.

John Eagleton, Co-founder, Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp.

Questions? Call our customer support desk anytime: +1-303-395-1222 or email at

News and press releases

Cryptanite Commences Trading on OTCQB, Achieves DTC Eligibility

26 Jun 2018

Cryptanite will commence trading on the OTCQB® Venture Market on June 26, 2018, in the United States under the OTCQB symbol: CRBTF.

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Cryptanite Announces Keith A. Turner as President

20 Jun 2018

Accomplished Entrepreneur Joins Company at Exciting Growth Stage as New Opportunities in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Unfold.

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Cryptanite Partners With Codius on Blockchain Hosting Capability
Cryptanite Partners With Codius on Blockchain Hosting Capability

19 Jun 2018

Cryptanite’s announcement empowers people who want to experiment and create smart contracts for professional use, and which cannot currently be hosted on cloud computing platforms. Cryptanite aims to ensure anyone interested in smart contracts with the Ripple platform has a stable, trusted source for hosting their projects.

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Don’t Be Scared Of Trying Something That No One Else Has Done And Don’t Be Scared To Be Called Crazy or Strange

13 Jun 2018

Blockchain technology is providing us with ways to help millions of people. Our co-founder, Maria Eagleton, shares her knowledge and wisdom on blockchain technology.

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Cryptanite launches to help investors learn about and improve trading in top performing cryptocurrencies

7 Jun 2018

Within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there has been a distinct lack of tools to help investors learn about and improve trading — until now, that is Cryptanite Blockchain technology company, today launched, an expert network to help current and potential cryptocurrency investors navigate the oftentimes confusing and volatile cryptocurrency marketplace.

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Apple and Google Play Stores Now Offering Cryptocurrency Wallet from Cryptanite

14 May 2018

Cryptanite Wallet app is now available on the App Store for Apple products and Google Play. Cryptanite Wallet includes four baskets for cryptocurrency buyers and investors — HODL, HOOD, SIZE and BASE — as well as the option to create customized baskets of up to five cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptanite Partners with Dwolla to Process Online Payments

25 Apr 2018

Cryptanite today announced a partnership with Dwolla, the white label e-commerce service utilizing ACH payment systems and used by millions around the country.

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Cryptanite introduces ChargaCard Payments App

16 Apr 2018

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. introduces ChargaCard Payments App. ChargaCard’s secure network will offer alternative financing options intended to bypass expensive third-party financial institutions and predatory credit card firms.

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Cryptanite introduces faster way to purchase top-performing cryptocurrencies

11 Apr 2018

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp., a Boulder-based blockchain technology company, today announced the private beta launch of its Cryptanite Wallet app. Once publicly released, the Cryptanite Wallet will include four new baskets for cryptocurrency buyers and investors—HODL, HOOD, SIZE and BASE.

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